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P2P Digitial Commodities Market: ProMEX
ProMEX is a fintech firm based in Hong Kong, operates a digital marketplace for physical commodities (like premier wine, metals & minerals) and give users, resellers and traders access to a transparent, fair and efficient trading platform consistent with established standards for global markets.
ProMEX were looking for an easy to integrate platform that allows them to quickly build a POC app while raising funds, establishing the company and getting regulatory approval.
Digitised Investments in People and Talents

An SEC approved trading app crossed with a social media platform, where fans can invest in influencers and other famous people.

After primary issuance of the digitised assets, fans can buy and sell as they wish. Increased demand for an influencer will raise the price and the value of that influencer.

The trading app is defining a new asset class, where ownership is managed on the blockchain. They were looking to find a flexible platform that can be connected with blockchain ledger but stand with the highest regulatory standards for capital markets.

Exberry was chosen for its flexible commercials, and the ability to tailor the UX for the unique user personas to build communities in this new type of business.
Digitised Capital Market Instruments
A regulated financial firm came to us looking to launch a marketplace for digitised assets. They were able to quickly launch a proof of concept (POC), in parallel to their existing systems, which expanded their product range.
Deploying Exberry’s powerful high capacity matching engine internally allowed them to easily integrate new technology into the heart of their business. They efficiently connected trading and distribution units in new ways that improve outcomes for clients, and the business.
Digital Marketplace C2C and B2C
An entrepreneur came to Exberry to develop a marketplace for limited edition fashion items and we were able to quickly and flexibly digitise them into tradable assets supported by Exberry expertise. They were able to implement a true price discovery mechanism, shifting from the traditional inventory-led model. Our ecosystem provides new possibilities to develop safe, secure and auditable post trade, custody and settlement processes for digital assets.
Trade-ification is rapidly changing marketplaces around the globe. With Exberry technology at the heart of your marketplace you add an innovative trading experience and enhance the buying and selling experience for users.

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