Optimize Asset Tokenization with a Fast-Tracked, Ledger-Based Platform

Digitalize, launch, and offer ANY tokenized asset for trading – in record time. Exberry transforms the way exchanges create new product areas in a fast, safe, elastic, and cost-effective way.

Ledger-Based Tokenization Technology as a Service

With Exberry, your exchange can stay ahead of the competition by rapidly launching innovative, high-value tradable tokens to market.

Whether you’re looking to expand into new asset classes or streamline existing operations

Exberry’s solution for tokenization will empower you to do it better:


Using a ledger as a database means you can tokenize ANY asset class faster with an exchange-grade architecture that is blockchain-agnostic


Cost-effectively scale up or down without compromising performance, thanks to our cloud-based technology that integrates with your existing systems


Built from the bottom up to meet the stringent regulatory requirements, our solutions incorporate all security-relevant messaging audit trails

Our Technology Is Trusted By

Launch your exchange & trading venue with turn-key technology

Tokenized Asset Exchange Modules

Exberry’s solution allows you to offer tokenized assets for trading, enable 2 SELL methods (fixed price or auction period), offer secondary trading, permit balance locking on/off chain, immediate on/off chain settlement and more – all thanks to integrated ledger functionalities that can be tailored to meet your need.

Exberry delivers a proprietary core trading & order matching engine that is cloud-based, asset-agnostic, DLT-agnostic, and robust for any scale

Designed as a seamless and reliable alternative to the engines used by the world’s biggest exchanges, our trading & matching engine is light to deploy at any scale – no matter the market size, asset class, or geographic location. Initial setup takes 3 weeks, and you can add asset classes and instruments in a matter of minutes. 

Solving fundamental problems in today’s global commodity and energy markets requires a technology partner capable of producing cloud-based solutions with precision at an expeditious pace;
we found that in Exberry.

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Tokenization of Carbon Markets

Discover how Abaxx Exchange launched its trading venue in weeks with Exberry’s
solution for tokenized assets.

Tokenization in

Discover how eNDX offers trade player tokens and capitalizes on the future performance of professional esports players

Tokenization for Precious Metals Markets

Discover how Vaultex tailors the right flow for each asset class, from tokenization via trading to immediate settlement.

Exberry’s ledger-based solution for tokenized assets enables highly customized infrastructures that adapt to your market needs. And it fully integrates with all your existing pre-, post-, and at-trade solutions through well-documented APIs and easy-to-access sandboxes.

Power Your Exchange with Exberry’s Ledger-Based Tokenization Technology as a Service.

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Exberry is a FinTech ISV (Individual Software Vendor) that delivers a blend of market exchange and trading technology that is scalable, light, and agile. Our solutions are cloud-based, asset-class agnostic, DLT-agnostic, and integrate with all existing ecosystems.


The Exberry team is backed with a strong heritage of exchange and trading expertise that encompasses both software innovation and business growth strategy. This combination means we understand the requirements of existing market structures and can anticipate the needs of new and future market models.

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